Creat Studios




October 2009



Mushroom Wars

Mushroom Wars™ is a fast-paced, accessible single and multiplayer RTS game with a quaint visual style that brings skirmish gameplay to the forefront.  Battles of opposing tribes of Mushroom armies take place in close-quarters maps using simple, straight-forward controls against AI or friends.  Short campaigns challenge players to take control of key strategic points.  Conquest battles require complete annihilation of opponents.



  • Test your strategic tactics. There are 18 levels you can play in Skirmish Mode. As you progress through the levels, the number of AI opponents increases. Do you think you can overcome three AI mushroom armies?  Don't worry, there are three difficulty settings.
  • Need a change of scenery? With 25 levels in Campaign mode, you can battle in the meadow, forest and foothills of Mushroom Land.
  • Divide and Conquer. Local Multiplayer allows players to battle on the couch.
  • Additional features. Includes custom music support and players can upload their gameplay to YouTube.







"It is the game-play that makes Mushroom Wars stand out. There is a subtle but impressive amount of strategy at certain points and plenty of opportunity to replay this compelling little game." -TheSixthAxis.com

"It's not your traditional RTS, but Mushroom Wars provides a surprising amount of depth thanks to easy-to-grasp controls and a large number of tactical options. With stages that you can leap into and play within a matter of minutes, Mushroom Wars is a great way to spend some free time."-IGN.com

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